Christian Kramp (1760-1826)

Christian Kramp was born on the 8 of July in 1760 in Strasbourg France. He originally studied medicine and acquired a medical degree from university.

Kramp first started out practicing medicine in a widely ranged area were his patients lived. His interests however where as well outside of medicine, regardless of his numerous publications of medical books.Upon carrying out his work with his medicine, France exiled the Rhineland area where Kramp was at the time. This led him to become a teacher in Cologne teaching mathematics, chemistry and physics. He then was appointed as a professor of mathematics in Strasbourg in 1809 and was elected to the geometry of the Academy of Science in 1817.

Kramp worked on the generalized factorial function that applied to non-integers. He was the first to use the notation of n!, which the general concept of the factorial was found at the same time by Arbogast. He also had other work on double refractions and wrote a paper on crystallography with a number of elementary treaties on pure mathematics.

He died in 1826 at the age of 66.