People and bios

Wilhelm Ackermann- Wilhelm Ackermann was born on March 29, 1896 in Schonebeck, Germany. Ackermann attended the university of Gottingen in 1914. He studied here to read more.

John Dwyer- John Dwyer is an experienced educator who has worked in universities both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. He is currently a visiting professor in the here to read more.

Leonard Euler- Leonhard Euler was born on the 15 of April in 1707 Basel, Switzerland. He was tutored by Johann Bernoulli in his early years, and had a natural gift at here to read more.

Jacques Hadamard- Jacques Hardamard was born on the 8th of December 1865. He was a Jewish born French mathematician widely known for his major contribution in number here to read more.

Christian Kramp- Christian Kramp was born on the 8 of July in 1760 in Strasbourg France. He originally studied medicine and acquired a medical degree from university. Kramp here to read more.

Clifford Pickover- Clifford Alan Pickover(born 1957) is an American author, editor, and columnist in the fields of science,mathematics and science fiction.He is employed at the here to read more.

Neil Sloane- Neil James Alexander Sloane is an American mathematician best known for the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.Sloane received his Ph.D. in 1967 here to read more.

James Stirling- James Stirling's father was Archibald Stirling and his mother, Archibald Stirling's second wife, was Anna Hamilton. James was their third son and he was born on here to read more.